Ukraine visa requirement

The exact amount of money any foreigner should be able to prove to have access to when entering Ukraine is calculated according to the relevant Rules 
The overall daily amount in Ukrainian hryvnia rates at around £30.00.

Ukraine’s authorities accept the following as a proof of sufficient funds:

cash in Ukrainian hryvnia / other convertible currency
international pay system cards along with current/savings account balance statements provided the bank cards can be cashed in Ukrainian banks
hotel / accommodation booking
an agreement between travel agency and client
a letter from an inviting person/entity - sponsor confirming all expenses a foreigner might face in Ukraine and when leaving Ukraine will be covered 
a return / transit ticket
Please note!

No proof of funds is required for:

-  foreigners / stateless persons who permanently reside in Ukraine

-  foreigners / stateless persons under 18

-  tourists on a cruise

-  foreign aircrew/warship crew members entering/going through Ukraine’s territory in transit in lines with established regulations

-  non-military vessel crew personnel

-  non-military international airlines / international connection trains crew residing within airports or train stations facilities

-  heads of foreign states and governments, members of parliamentary or governmental delegations, technical staff following such delegations, as well as their family members, travelling to Ukraine upon invitation of the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (the Parliament), the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine or Ukraine’s ministries/other central executive authorities

-  UN and UN institutions ID holders and members of their families

-  Heads of foreign diplomatic and consular missions, their diplomatic, consular, administrative and technical staff, military attachés and trade missions staff as well as their dependants (spouses, children and parents) 

-  diplomatic and service passport holders employed at their countries’ foreign affairs authorities visiting Ukraine with official   purpose and members of their families

-  international organisations officials visiting Ukraine with official purpose, their offices/branches’ in Ukraine staff members, staff members of their states’ representatives to international organisations headquartered in Ukraine who are covered with diplomatic privileges and immunities as well as their families’ members.

 Starting from 01 February 2014 Ukraine’s Border Guard Service officers may randomly ask foreigners entering Ukraine to demonstrate proof of sufficient funds when going through border control. Foreigners are required to have access to at least 20 days’ worth of average monthly per capita subsistence minimums to their arrival date + 5 days’ reserve.

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