Hello2Canada is an international law firm with headquarters in Canada (Toronto, Ontario). The company has representatives across Ukraine, Canada, and Schengen region.

We are happy to provide you with the best services for Canadian immigration, employment, study, and other programs. Our customers are represented by the best Canadian lawyers under the leadership of , and all paperwork is done at our central offices in Canada.

We provide:
Canadian visa
Schengen visa
Ukrainian visa

Our canadian attorney Ava Cambell and other is a licensed lawyer educated in Canada and has many years of experience. They are a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, a Public Notary and a commissioner of affidavits.

We also offers adaptation services in Canada, including airport meeting services, assistance with opening a bank account, taking out health insurance, registering children with schools and kindergartens, etc.

Hello2canada will professionally prepare and handle your case throughout the immigration process after first examining your case with the lawyers in our Canadian Israel and Ukrainian offices and giving you written confirmation of your eligibility for the immigration program. By entrusting your case to professionals, you increase your chances of a successful outcome, as all responsibility for your case rests upon us.

Hello2canada guarantees that you will receive a high quality of service within the full scope of obligations assumed by the company and that your case will be handled by our best attorneys.


Immigration laws and regulations are complex and change quickly on the regular basis. We provide the highest quality legal services in all areas of Europe, Ukrain,      and Canada.

If you need legal advice on how to start your case, what your options are, or any related inquiries, we would be pleased to discuss your situation during a consultation by Watsup, email, phone, or in person to fill form.