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The reality is, while some Canadian immigration procedures and forms may appear simple, the legal considerations and ramifications that pertain are highly complex. Far too often our firm is contacted to do damage control after a situation has escalated. The consequences of not getting it right the first time range from costly delays to a negative decision, and most errors made by those who self-represent would have been avoided by an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer. When a mandate is entrusted to our firm, the client benefits from experienced and talented professionals who collaborate on every file and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

In the words of the Canadian Bar Association, “Having a lawyer with years of training and expertise may result in a quicker and more favourable outcome because of the inclusion of persuasive argument about the merits of the case, and the avoidance of errors or omitted information.”


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The Immigration law firm Hello2canada is a full-service immigration law office in Canada. Our staff can provide assistance from the moment you inquire about going to Canada, Israel, Ukraine be it for a brief business visit, to advance your education in the English-speaking environment, or to relocate your family to a country of new opportunities. Our offices will continue helping you throughout your immigration proce­ss and after you arrive. Whether you need to obtain your citizenship or simply to find a place to stay, we will be there to help.



With numerous representative offices all over the world, our firm is truly “International”. For your convenience we have established representation in the Canada, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Israel. Our staff is fluent in over 20 languages, including Russian, Farsi, Vietnamese, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Ukrainian and Hebrew. This tremendous structure is here to assist you in obtaining your Canadian papers in the most efficient, professional and convenient way.



You will be represented by a fully certified and licensed Canadian and European lawyers. It is important to remember that by hiring a licensed Canadian and Eropean lawyers you are automatically insured against fraud. Ontario and European lawyers are bound by rules of ethics and professional conduct set out by the Law Society of Upper Canada to perform their duties in a professional manner while keeping the interests of their clients at the forefront.


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